About Eventful

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We, at Eventful, always enjoyed creative work and have held previous artistic roles that have allowed us to express our creativity.

It all began by hosting small scale events for family and friends, this work drew in a following, until it was time to turn this passion into a business. 

Eventful Décor Rentals offers a variety of gorgeous pieces including the important staple pieces needed for events, as well as some more unique pieces that are newer to the event rental market. We have a large range of items from gorgeous brand new custom event furniture to candelabras, canopies, and coordinating vases, a variety of backdrops as well as breathtaking life size trees! With our boutique style and expertise in décor we have met a niche in the event market for original and unique rental pieces.

When offering advice to the client, we say that there is no ‘right’ way to do event décor but what is most important is to have excellent execution. Having great products, any colour scheme or idea will end up looking grand. Unique pieces are great as they will add an additional personal element to your special day.

We look forward to proving ourselves to the worthy client and enhancing your special day!